How can I take advantage of this offer?

You can visit whmcs.host to enter your desired domain name and click ‘Check’. You will then be taken to a page to confirm that the desired domain is available. If the name you’ve chosen is available, select the domain and click ‘checkout’. On checkout page you can enter your license key which will act as a coupon code canceling the $49.99 price. One non-premium domain name will be awarded per license key.

How much would it cost to renew my domain name?

Once the free year is up, you will have the option to renew your .HOST domain for $49.99/year, that’s less than $5 a month! This is subject to further reduce should the RRP price reduce before the renewal date.

How do I manage my domain name(s)?

The .HOST Domain Management Portal allows you to manage all aspects of your .HOST domain name including renewals, transfers, DNS management and WHOIS. You can access the .HOST Domain Management Portal by logging in at http://domains.whmcs.host/login.php.

Who do I contact for support?

The .HOST registry manages all support and services related to the domain. Their team is available 24×7 and provides ticket-based support for anything related to your .HOST domain registration. You can find them here: http://domains.whmcs.host/support/contact-us.php.

Am I locked in? Can I transfer to another provider?

Thanks to WHMCS’s partnership with .HOST you will always receive competitive pricing from whmcs.host along with quality service and support.

However, you are free to transfer to any other provider at any time after 60 days of you registering your domain name. The 60 day transfer restriction is an ICANN mandate and is followed by every domain provider. You will be free to transfer out at any time after completion of the first 60 days.

The EPP authentication code can be found within the .HOST Domain Management Portal.

Can I cancel after the first year?

Yes, you can cancel from within the .HOST Domain Management Portal. Access the control panel by logging in on http://domains.whmcs.host/login.php. Domains will not automatically be renewed.